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A big turnpoint in Plainview history has been the arrival of the railroad in Hicksville around 1837, which opened up the vast markets Queens, New York City and Brooklyn to the local Manetto Hill farmers.  Along with the opening of the brickswork near Old Bethpage in 1860, which attracted even more people in the area. The opening of the brickworks in nearby Old Bethpage in the 1860's attracted more people to the area. Around 1885, the community of Manetto Hill asked for a post office, but were turned down on the grounds that community upstate with a similar name already used the post office name. The following year, residents of Manetto Hill decided to rename their community into what we today know as Plainview. Early 20th Century saw a downfall in agriculture, major crops of potatoes and cucumbers, but by the time World War II was over, and farmers regained a hold of their crops and were ready to sell. After that, Plainview population grew exponentially, from 1155 residents back in 1950 to a whopping 35.000 merely  a decade later. 

Plainview Today

Time and time again, Plainview has proven to be an amazing community to work, live and grow up in. With a population of about 33.000, Plainview is located in the center of Long Island, covering an area of around 8.3 square miles, providing access to all major highways from around. 

Home to some of the best libraries in Nassau County,  we recommend a visit to the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library for book afficionados, open 76 hours each week. Some of the agencies located in Plainview include:  Plainview Water District, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department, North Shore University Hospital, two Post Offices, Mid-Island Y, Central Island Nursing Home, the Plainview Health Center and the Cooperative Extension of Nassau County and other County offices located in the Nassau Office Complex just off Old Country Road. 

At present, there are around 5000 children attending the four Plainview elementary schools, two junior high schools and one high school. Plainview also has many strip malls that include major supermarkets, restaurantes, drug stores and a wide variety of other stores, along with numerous office and medical buildings. The community prides itself in keep well maintained front yards and buildings, as well as safe and clean suburbs. 

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